If you’re looking for a professional Colon Irrigation Pactitoner,  you’ve come to the right place. It is absolutely safe when performed by a properly trained Colon Irrigation Practitioner using FDA registered device (ANGEL OF WATER).

Colon Irrigation is the introduction of warm, filtered and temperature-regulated water into the colon. The water softens and loosens waste resulting in evacuation through natural peristalsis. This process is repeated serval times during the session. Treatment durations are 45-60min. Drink water 24hrs prior!!!
For a even better release I include a FDA medical lamp over abdomen area which helps with decrease inflammation and a few other benefits.


Colonic helps with issues of occasional constipation.

Colonic is an approved preparation for colonoscopy.

  • It is an excellent screening device for colo-rectal cancer.
  • Useful in diagnostic procedures for evaluation of the colon.
  • Useful for detoxification of drug addicts and alcoholics.
  • The entire colon could be cleaned and examined for blood every six months.
  • Improves concentration and energy.
  • Speeds up metabolism.
  • Decrease Gas and Bloating.
  • Reduces symptoms associated with IBS.
  • Help to improved immune system.

POST-OP CARE : Begins immediately after surgery (BBL, TT, Lipo)... Drink Drink water!!!


Manual Lymphatic Drainage at a light pressure. 

Aftercare is most important after your surgery!! Its a MOST to drink lots of water and wear the appropriate garments (faja,boards,binders, compression socks) to help rebuild cells..

The goal of post-op care is to ensure proper healing as well as rule out the presence of complications..


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